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And you thought Tyvek® was just for wrapping houses…

When most people think about Tyvek®, they think of how it is used to wrap houses during construction to protect them. Seeing as how this material is durable enough to successfully do that job, it is also a reliable solution for the non-adhesive tags that we manufacture here at Coast Label Company.

Tyvek® tags are most commonly used as “law” tags and are typically sewn into bedding, furniture upholstery, and coverings. Since it is important that these labels are durable and long lasting, we provide our customers with a material capable of acheiving their requirements.

Like all solutions we provide, the finishing process can be fully customized including:

  • Individual cut sheets
  • Rolls
  • Fan folded stacks with perforations between each tag
  • Notches or printed sensing marks on either front or back for imprinting on thermal printers
  • Transfer tape for affixing
  • Punched holes and optionally supplied with string, elastic, or wire

Once we manufacture these, the specifications are documented for precise, efficient repeatability to ensure customer satisfaction for every order.

Tyvek® tags
Custom Tyvek® tags manufactured by Coast Label Company
 “Lightweight and durable, Tyvek® has introduced new dimensions of protection, security and safety in a wide variety of applications—building envelope, protective apparel, medical packaging. Even graphics. And we continue to innovate today. We encourage our customers to develop new ideas for Tyvek®, and to dream big. Because once Tyvek® frees you from worry, a world of greater good becomes possible.”