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You have important information that you need people to notice, so how do you grab their attention? Do you choose a label large in size? Do you use a metallic, fluorescent, or basic colored material? What about font size?

Your consultant will help you answer all of these questions based on some of the information regarding your specifications and requirements:

1. What color do you want them to be? You already know that bold colored phrases that read WARNING or ATTENTION are sure to signify important information, but what about the material itself?Unique, bright colors such as fluorescent orange or bright silver are another feature that can be utilized to highlight important information.

2. How durable does it need to be? You’ve put in the effort to order a custom solution, but a product that is not built to last is not a solution at all. Your consultant is going to need to know the elements the label is being exposed to and how long it’s going to be applied for. A reliable manufacturer will then use this information to develop your final product.

3. What type of material is the label going to be adhered to? In most cases, you would not use the same adhesive for labels with different purposes in different environments. An adhesive that is selected based on these specifications will result in a custom, reliable solution.

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Key takeaways:

  • There are a variety of ways to draw attention to labels containing important information including size, color, and text options
  • As with any order, a reliable manufacturer will offer various options based on requirements and preferences for the label itself and its intended use
industrial warning label
Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Labels meant to draw attention to important information can be effective using a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles, fonts, etc. Not only will a reliable manufacturer consult with you to choose these specifications, but they will also use your requirements to provide you with a suitable material and adhesive that will remain reliable throughout its use.