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Success Story: Custom Battery Label

A customer came to us needing a way to enhance their finishing process. Parts of their products were being left unlabeled and the ones that were applied were not adhering long enough, compromising both the product and the brand’s image. Since the labels would be applied to a battery, it needed to be durable and reliably perform in high temperatures.

Here’s how we did it:

We designed and manufactured a label kit to meet their requirements and help ensure that each part of the battery was appropriately labeled with a uniform appearance. Label kits not only offer unparalleled conformity in their appearance, but also provide convenience in inventory management and application because all of the parts are on a single liner.

In addition, we helped the customer determine a best fit for the material, adhesive, and appearance based on thorough consulting and field-testing. The durability this solution offers ensures long-term adhesion capable of withstanding high temperatures and potential damage caused by frequent handling.

Key takeaways:

  • Your manufacturer should provide you with the most efficient and effective solution for your specific requirements
  • Materials and adhesives are also selected specific to each product and its intended use to ensure reliability
  • As with each order, our ISO Certified process guarantees an emphasis on meeting your custom specifications
Custom die cut battery label
Custom Die Cut Label Kit Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: The result is a reliable, durable solution that is built to perform. Since their initial order, this customer has paid us the compliment of continuing to reorder this product as well as new problem solving solutions. As part of our ISO certification, customer satisfaction is always our priority, so each solution is designed to achieve their specifications and accurately documented for future orders.