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Before we get started on your custom solution…

Before we get started on your custom solution, there’s some information we’ll need to know to provide you with the product you need.

Here’s some questions our label specialists will have:

  1. On to what surface are you applying the label?
  2. Do you have a label sample from a past order?
  3. Do you know the complete label construction?
  4. Dimensions of the label?
  5. If the label goes through a printer, what type of printer is it?
  6. Do you have the artwork in a digital format?
  7. Indoor or outdoor application?
  8. Does the label need to be water resistant?
  9. Are you auto dispensing the labels with a label applicator?

Watch how we solve problems for our customers!

Key takeaways:

  • A reliable manufacturer will ask you thorough, specific questions in order to fully understand your label requirements and specifications
  • While some customers already know what they need, these answers will help solve problems for those who don’t
  • Our problem solving approach translates your answers to these questions into your final label solution

“Thanks to you and the team at Coast Label for a job well done this week and for working so closely, and hard, with our team to get this right.  We are very happy to see that the labels made this week are meeting all expectations/requirements.  As I indicated, this was essential for moving the overall project forward.  Looking forward to working with you further through this development process.”

The bottom line: Seeing as how every solution we provide is custom, we prioritize clear, consistent communication to provide our customers with the right solution.