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Success Story: 3M™ Overlay

A customer came to us needing a very durable overlay. Of course the overlay needed to adhere around buttons, switches, etc., so the shape needed to be custom and very precise.

Here’s how we provided them with the unique, reliable solution they needed:

    1. As a select 3M® converter, we are authorized to manufacture custom solutions using genuine 3M® material. The guaranteed authenticity of this material insures that the finished product will be very durable and reliable, despite the various elements it will be exposed to.
    2. To achieve the exact shape, our label specialists worked very closely with the customer. When it comes to unique solutions that require exact requirements, the quality of communication will be evident in the final product.
    3. In order to ensure easy removal of the overlay, we slit the liner. By doing this, the application process will be more efficient and the overlay itself will not get damaged.

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Key takeaways:

  • Any 3M® solution we manufacture is made using genuine material; therefore, our customers know they are receiving the quality and durability they expect
  • When it comes to very precise, unique solutions, communication with an experienced label specialist is necessary
  • Slitting liner for efficient application is an example of the attention to detail we exercise in every solution we manufacture
Custom die cut 3M® Overlay
Custom 3M® Overlay Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Our attention to detail promotes precision and reliability in everything we do here at Coast Label Company. Therefore, our customers do not have to worry about the quality and effectiveness of their label solutions.