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Case Study: A Car Dealership Solution

A large auto dealership came to us in need of a solution. They needed a way to track vehicles they had in stock; however, they needed five different labels for each car, including different sizes and a material that could withstand outdoor elements.

Here’s how we solved their problem:

1. First, we designed and manufactured a custom die cut label kit. Each kit included a total of five labels: one large one and four smaller ones. By doing this, labels could be applied to the car itself, keys, and other accessories.

2. Seeing as how included barcode labels, they were manufactured following our TruCheck® barcode verification system. Therefore, each of these labels is guaranteed to be scannable and meet or exceed the industry standards. .

3.Of course, labels at a car dealership are going to be exposed to different elements, so the labels needed to be capable of performing in an outdoor environment. In order to do this, we provided the customer with an outdoor-rated vinyl stock to enhance durability.

car label kit
Label kit manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: A reliable manufacturer is capable of understanding each of your unique requirements and specifications and translating those into a precise, reliable solution.