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Case Study: Industrial HVAC Label

An Industrial HVAC Contractor came to us with a problem. They needed a distinct label with room for information that would be recorded upon installation in an industrial environment. They also expressed a need for efficiency as well as the overall sophisticated appearance of the label itself.

Here’s how we provided them with a solution:

1. First of all, we printed the label on a silver polyester label stock to achieve the overall appearance of the label, and this matte silver material is also capable of performing in an industrial environment.

2. We then printed the various information they required onto the label including room for the name of the installer, the job number, the startup date, the unit number, and the company’s logo.

3. Finally, we provided the customer with peel tab labels to maximize application efficiency. The peel tab is a superior solution to “crack and peel” labels as the entire liner removes easily and in one pice without wasting valuable time and without bending and possibly creasing the label.

Key takeaways:

  • A reliable consultant will be able to provide you with a custom solution that incorporates your unique specifications
  • Providing the customer with peel tabs is an example of how we try to supply our customers with the best fitting product
HVAC Label
Identification label manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: It is always our priority to provide our customers with the solutions they need, and this is another example of how we transform your unique specifications into a product built to perform.