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Case Study: Laser Printed Label Kit

Label kits are a reliable solution when a product or piece of equipment requires more than one label. They allow multiple labels to be printed onto one sheet, without any additional setup, tooling, etc., making them both an efficient and cost effective solution.

The label kit on the right is an example of a solution designed to manage and trace the various parts of a system. Here’s how it works:

  1. This label kit is laser printed; therefore, the end user could print additional information onto the label and each of its parts.
  2. The kit includes four separate labels within the main label. Once the information mentioned above is printed onto these, they can be removed individually and applied elsewhere.
  3. The label kit also includes a die cut liner. This allows for the entire label to be applied without adhering the four internal labels, so they can easily be removed after the initial application.

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Label Kit Manufactured by Coast Label Company