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Copy Position and Why it Matters

“Copy Position,” “Unwind Direction,” or “Orientation” all refer to how the label is oriented on the roll of the labels.

Here’s how different application methods affect the label orientation:

  1. For hand-applied labels, the direction usually does not matter.
  2. For machine-applied labels and labels that will go through a secondary printing process, copy position is critical. If the labels are printed in an incorrect position, your entire process will be affected.
  3. Auto-applied labels are typically applied to vials, boxes, or bottles. Therefore, the orientation of the label artwork in relation to the package or container is critical as well.

If your labels are printed with an incorrect copy position, the label will be applied with the incorrect orientation, creating issues on the product line. A reliable label manufacturer will consult with you to determine which orientation fits your requirements.

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Copy Position