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Custom Wax Ribbon Solutions

Custom wax ribbons are used to print onto paper labels, so they offer the least amount of durability. To avoid abrasion or exposure to any elements that could damage the label, custom wax ribbon labels must be kept dry and handled with care.

Custom Wax Ribbon Materials

This material is designed to print on paper labels using matte or semi-gloss material. Our custom Wax labels are often used to print simple formats and normal barcodes with large text.

Common applications for Wax Ribbons include:

  • retail
  • shipping
  • compliance
  • hang tags
  • shelf/bin labels
  • warehousing

For customers that need a standard paper label, Wax Ribbon provides an effective solution. We also offer Wax/Resin Ribbon and Resin Ribbon solutions for customers with different application requirements.

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Custom Wax Ribbon Key Takeaways:

  • Wax ribbons are the easiest of the three to use, and they do not require printer adjustments
  • The maximum readability these solutions offer make them a dependable option for general purpose labeling
custom wax ribbon labels