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Customize your Asset Tracking

When it comes to tracking your assets, you need a solution built specific to your requirements. Unfortunately, the quick generic solutions do not offer the precision and durability that ensures a reliable solution. Here’s some of the different ways we can customize your Asset Tags and Inventory Labels:

  • Tamper Evident: These labels add a layer of security to your product by making any unauthorized activity apparent.
  • Label Kits: If you are looking to simplify your inventory or uniformly identify multiple parts, label kits are an efficient, cost effective solution.
  • Thermal Transfer: Thermal transfer labels allow our customers to print additional information or their own barcodes. Therefore, we can provide our customers with the custom shape, size, and material they need.
  • Durable: If you’re looking for a permanent solution built to outlast outdoor elements, chemicals, exposure to different elements, etc., we offer a variety of durable label solutions.
  • Removable/Repositionable: For those customers looking to easily remove their labels or reposition them, we offer different adhesives built to do so.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Contact us today to discuss your inventory management requirements, so we can get started on a reliable, problem solving solution.

Key takeaways:

  • If an asset label fails or falls off, the cost of lost information and relabeling is high
  • A variety of adhesives and protective laminations insure that your labels will adhere properly to surfaces, and that the printed information stays readable for the life of the label
  • Labels can have consecutive numbers with or without barcodes and we are able to print from your supplied database if necessary
labels for assets and inventory

The bottom line: Seeing as how inventory management and asset tracking plays a critical role in the systems of our customers, we guarantee scannnability as part of our TruCheck® barcode verification system as well as thorough quality inspection to eliminate variations.