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Fun in the Sun: A Pool Label Solution

An international pool equipment manufacturer came to us in need of UL Labels. The UL labels certified the safety of their products, and ensured their customers that their pools went through thorough testing. They required guidance on achieving UL compliance and selecting materials durable enough to resist water.

Here’s how we provided our customer with the UL Labels they needed:

  1. As an authorized UL label manufacturer (PGAA), we are highly experienced in constructing UL labels. First, we helped walk through all of the UL requirements for both UL Marks and UL 969. This includes the required materials, processes, and information defined by the Underwriter’s Laboratory.
  2. We then helped select and test materials that met the UL standards and was appropriate for submersion in a pool setting. As a result of thorough testing and communication, the customer’s product passed the UL inspection and adhered throughout its required use.
  3. Since there are additional standards for shipping internationally, we integrated the additional steps into our system to ensure the products arrival and compliance. This is another example of the different finishing options we have to offer our customers.

Key takeaways:

  • A reliable, authorized manufacturer will provide you with the solution and information you need to meet the UL specifications
  • While some custom labels are complex in their appearance, others can have unique compliance and application requirements
  • A reliable manufacturer will provide you with a precise, custom solution and accurately achieve your unique requirements for every order
UL labels

“We contacted Coast Labels, they were absolutely fabulous.  They really made the task of UL Labels far simpler, because of their dedication and fantastic and help.  [Customer Service] knew exactly what we needed as he has so much experience with UL labels, and [they were] the best help and between us the emails went back and forth until we finally passed our UL inspection.”

The bottom line: While some solutions are not complicated in their construction or intricate in their design, they may be complex in their specifications as part of different compliance requirements. An experienced, reliable manufacturer will be able to provide you with the assistance you need to achieve a successful label solution.