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GHS Labels Made Easy!

Did you know you need a specific type of label for labeling chemical filled containers? The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (or GHS) is an international standardized set of criteria for labeling chemical containers, drums and barrels . The goal of GHS is to consistently communicate hazard information and safety precautions to ensure proper handling and use of dangerous chemicals.

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The Six Standardized Elements of a GHS Label:

  1. Product identifier to define chemical ingredients
  2. Signal words such as “DANGER” or “WARNING”
  3. Hazard statements such as “Fatal if swallowed”
  4. Precautionary statements regarding storage, disposal and/or handling
  5. Company identifying information
  6. Hazard symbols or pictograms surrounded by a red diamond (Note: the red diamonds cannot be left blank)
GHS Label
GHS Label Manufactured by Coast Label Company