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Got Dust Control?

For customers that work in a clean room environment, dust control is often an important requirement. Fortunately, we understand that special measures can be implemented to minimize dust.

Here’s just some of the ways we successfully execute dust control for our customers:

1. Plastic Cores: Plastic cores are an effective option due to the fact that they eliminate the possibility of any fibers or debris from cardboard cores transferring onto the label or the environment. For most customers this is not a concern, but for those who require them, plastic cores can easily be integrated into our finishing process.

2. Film Liners: Film liners are another method we use to eliminate dust. Similar to the plastic cores, film liners eliminate any dust or debris that could result from the paper liner.

3. Double Bagging: Double bagging is an option we offer that places an added barrier between the box and the labels. Therefore, any debris from the box will not come in contact with the bag containing the labels.

Key takeaways:

  • Providing the option of dust control options is another way we allow our customers to further customize their order
  • Plastic cores, film liners, and double bagging are effective ways in which we can minimize dust for our customers
  • A reliable manufacturer offers dust control options that can easily be integrated into their systems and precisely repeated for future orders
Labels wound on plastic cores at Coast Label Company

The bottom line: We specialize in unique solutions, and complying with clean room environment requirements is an example of the various custom options we offer our customers.