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Mini Case Study: Serial Numbered Warranty Seal

Customer: A company that sells and refurbishes custom configured gaming computers.

Problem: As part of their product offerings, they offer warranties on the installation of high-end graphic cards and components. They had been sealing the component door with generic labels, but unfortunately realized that in some cases warranty customers had been carefully peeling back the label, accessing the contents, then replacing the label.

Solution: In order to know if the equipment under warranty has been tampered with by unauthorized persons, we helped the client develop a two fold system security seal. The seal utilized the following components:

  1. A special VOID tamper evident adhesive. During any attempt to cleanly lift the label, the adhesive separates leaving a tell-tale VOID markings on the face of label as well as a unmistakeable residue on the product. This prevented any type of lift and replace technique.
  2. A unique serial number protected under a clear polyester laminate. Abrasion resistant for long term readability, the consecutive number uniquely identifies the label. This made the potential use of generic or stolen labels, in an attempt to fool the company, a non-issue.

The end result was a functioning warranty system and a happy client.