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Mini Case Study: Special Adhesive Auto Label

Problem: An auto dealer association needed a supplemental window sticker for the pricing of extra dealer-installed equipment on new cars, as the legally mandated Moroney Label (the so-called “window sticker”) did not provide enough room. Their affiliate dealerships needed a product that could last in the extreme temperatures of an auto lot, as well as be easily attached, removed, and modified.

Auto Dealership Label

Solution: Coast Label designed the label die cut “backwards” so that it could be applied to the inside of the car window. As it was visible to the car shopper through the glass it was now protected from the outside elements.

Since the label was inside, we helped source a special removable adhesive that stuck well despite what could become a very hot, closed-car environment. The adhesive that was chosen, could hold up to the extreme heat with out melting, yet removed cleanly–no adhesive left on the window for the consumer–at the desired moment. To further aide in a quick and clean removal, a special die cut was made in the upper left hand corner to provide a small tab. No need to pick at the corners to get an edge.

Lastly a laser printable liner was chosen for easy printing at the dealership. The labels were finished in sheeted packs for ease of distribution among the dealers and as well as loading into printer trays.