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Success Story: Custom Nameplate

A company that manufactures compressors for energy storage and transfer system solutions needed help. They came to us needing a short manufacturing run of UL 969 compliant custom shaped nameplates. In particular, they needed a product durable enough to survive use in the Armed Forces, chemical plants, and industrial gas companies.

Here’s how we provided them with the solution they needed:

Prior to manufacturing the labels, we worked closely with the customer to develop a solution that accommodated the pricing requirements. Being that the customer needed a short run of 100 nameplates, we not only needed to be efficient in our set up and manufacturing processes, but we also needed a solution that supports those requirements.

Seeing as how quality assurance, durability, and UL 969 compliance were imperative requirements for this solution, we manufactured the nameplate with UL approved, highly durable, resistance materials backed by a permanent adhesive.

Custom Die Cut Nameplate
Custom Nameplate Manufactured by Coast Label Company

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The bottom line: By working closely with the customer, we were able to achieve their design with minimal tooling and setup. The customer received the custom nameplates in the time line they needed, and the label successfully passed inspection. This label is currently applied to a Microboost Compressor that compresses gas using an oil-free piston. We continue to work with them to develop new solutions for their products.