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Would Your Project Benefit from High Temperature Adhesives?

Are you experiencing less then adequate adhesion on your label? Has the application surface or label environment recently changed?

Temperature is an important factor to consider when selecting the proper adhesive in each label application. Coast Label Company offers a variety of high temperature acrylic adhesives, which are formulated to withstand the most hostile environments. We partner directly with some of the leading vendors in the business, including 3M™ and Avery Dennison. This allows us to offer a wide range of adhesives to meet any need that you may encounter.

High temperature adhesives are resistant to oil, gasoline and mold and can withstand temperatures from 300 degrees F and up depending on the labels application. They are used to bond plastics to one another or to metals, wood, paper, silicate glass, and organic glass. They are best suited for use in safety applications, graphics and control panel attachments in automobiles and appliances.

A key factor to consider when your adhesive application has to beat the heat is getting to know the glass transition temperature. This refers to when the adhesive changes from a rigid “glassy” state to a more pliable “rubbery” state. This intrinsic thermal property serves as a good indication of an adhesive products ability to stand up to any applications temperature requirements.

Temperature resistant adhesives also offer a balance of properties that require little in the way of design trade-offs. These products are also available with added functional attributes including a low- outgassing behavior, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, biocompatibility and more. Temperature resistant acrylic adhesives continue to grow in popularity as engineers push structural bonding and encapsulation into even more extreme environments. If temperature is an issue with your label application please contact us at Coast Label for a prompt and precise solution to your needs.