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Putting the “Custom” in Customer Care

People have become accustomed to dealing with automated systems, but the ability to consult is limited when dealing with a computer. Unfortunately, there is no way to update the ability to understand precise and unique specifications. While some companies have resorted to automated responses to their customers, we prefer to be in direct contact with our partners in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Here are a few things to look for when determining if your customer experience is being maximized:

  1. Consistent communication: From initial inquiry to order completion, communication should be thorough, consistent, and helpful. Our label specialists’ commitment to our customers is prevalent throughout each partnership.
  2. Continued partnerships: Unfortunately, some companies forget they are dealing with other people, especially when most contact takes place in the form of submitting requests online without consistent followup. Orders can be completed more efficiently, accurately, and successfully when there is an established relationship. Find a specialist that works, and stick with them.
  3. Quality product: Your primary concern most likely revolves around whether or not the product you need is exactly what you receive. Whether it’s a blank label with a unique shape or a custom die cut, colorful label or anything in between, the communication should translate into the final product.

Key takeaways:

  • Working closely and regularly with a  specialist will result in accurate, top-quality solutions
  • Communication should be both consistent and beneficial
  • Customer care is a reflection of the core values instilled within a company
Coast Label tooling inventory
Coast Label's tooling ordered specific to custom solutions

“We are distinguished first by our values, which are the foundation of everything we do here, and second by our quality processes which keep your orders fulfilled accurately and on schedule.”

Craig Moreland, President of Coast Label Company

The bottom line: When choosing a company to consult with, especially for custom orders, communication can be the difference between a successful solution and an unreliable one. Designing a custom solution is a collaborative effort; therefore, communication should be constant, and your specific requirements should always be understood and prioritized.