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Solutions with Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal transfer printing requires ribbons that are melted onto the substrates to create the required image or information. There are three different types of thermal transfer ribbons, and the required strength, durability, and substrates will determine which option is a best fit.

Here’s the three types of thermal transfer ribbons:

Wax Ribbons:

  • Offer deep, dark barcodes, text and ad graphics with maximum readability
  • Developed to print best on paper and low end synthetics, so they are easy to use and do not require printer adjustments
  • Often used for shipping, shelving and bin labeling, warehouse and receiving, shipping/addressing, compliance, textile and apparel tags

Wax/Resin Ribbons:

  • Produce images with higher durability to withstand rough handling and occasional chemical contact
  • Perform on a wide range of label stocks from coated paper to smooth synthetic films
  • Used for automotive, healthcare, slide labeling, pharmaceutical, horticulture, lumber, outdoor, industrial, chemical drum, electronic components, asset tracking, compliance, WIP tags/labels, shelf/bin labels, warehousing/receiving labels, UL/CSA

Resin Ribbons:

  • Provide maximum resistance against abrasion, heat, steam, chemicals and solvents
  • Often used for printing on high-end films such as polyester and polyimide
  • Offer the same application capabilities as Wax/Resin Ribbons with maximum durability in the most extreme environments

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