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Spot Color Vs. CMYK

There are a variety of ways to print label solutions, and two of the most common methods are Spot Color printing and Full Color printing, also known as CMYK. While the different options can be confusing, our job is to provide our customers with a solution best fit for their requirements. Here’s some of the benefits and differences between two of the most common printing processes:

Spot Color:

  • Typically done with one to three colors that have been pre-mixed for each part of the image
  • Spot Color printing is often used for basic texts and graphics and for colors that need to match exactly
  • Best used for bright, vivid colors and images that do not need to look photographed
Spot Color Printing

CMYK Color:

  • Uses the four main printing colors-¬†Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K)
  • Our Durst Digital Press blends the four colors together with overlapping dots to create a photographed appearance
  • While the colors are not as exact as Spot Color printing, digital printing creates a clearer, high quality image
CMYK Printing