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Success Story: A-VOID-ing Unwarranted Activity

Label requirements and expectations have evolved. It is no longer enough to produce something that works and achieves the bare minimum. Companies have a look that they want to achieve, and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to transform their expectations into the final product So when a customer came to us wanting a metallic void label capable of performing in a medical environment, we were more than prepared to provide them with the solution they needed.

Here’s how we did it:

1. Our Durst Digital press allows us to produce labels with a variety of different sophisticated finishing options. In addition to the metallic finish this customer requested, we can also print with high gloss, matte, and holographic finishes. Not only do these finishes provide the customer with the look they want, but durability and quality are not compromised, so the label will still meet performance requirements.

2. In terms of the security this label offers, they leave behind a VOID pattern when they are removed. Therefore, any unwarranted activity will be apparent and the quality of the medical device this label was being applied to would not be compromised. Learn about the other tamper evident solutions we offer. 

3. As previously mentioned, the quality of our labels is not compromised when unique finishing options are requested. Due to the durability required in order to remain reliable within a medical environment, we manufactured this label with a chemically resistant material and adhesive.

Key takeaways:

  • Our Durst digital press offers special effects including: high gloss, matte, foils and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates
  • Void labels are one example of security that we offer in order to prevent unwarranted activity
  • A reliable manufacturer will be able to manufacture a reliable solution that incorporates unique, specific requirements
void label
Void Label Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: A reliable manufacturer will not have to compromise durability for aesthetic or vice versa. Instead, they will provide you with a solution manufactured to meet each of your unique requirements.