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Summertime Storage

Here in sunny Southern California, we’re all too familiar with the heat that comes along with the seasons. Because of this, we maintain a controlled environment in our facility to prevent the heat from compromising any of the solutions we manufacture. We also run a lean manufacturing process, meaning that we don’t have excessive material in stock that could go unused and damaged by the warm climate.

Here’s some tips for making sure the heat doesn’t get the best of your solutions:

1. Keep your labels stored in a climate controlled area. For example, don’t leave labels in a storage unit without air conditioning or out in the sun for days on end. Instead, keep them in an air conditioned space and out of direct sunlight.

2. In addition to the temperature, make sure the labels aren’t exposed to high levels of humidity. Unless the label is built to endure this type of climate, the quality of your label solution might be affected by the moisture.

3. Communicate with your label expert. Although some labels are more susceptible to damage caused by heat and humidity than others, we can also provide our customers with label solutions built to endure these climates. Learn more about our high temperature solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Storing your labels in a climate controlled environment will ensure reliability until application
  • Labels that are not built to endure high levels of heat or humidity may be damaged if they are exposed to those elements
  • By communicating with a reliable, experienced specialist, you will receive a product built to perform in its required environment

The bottom line: In order to keep the materials we use to manufacture custom solutions in top condition, we maintain a controlled environment here at Coast Label Company. By storing your label solutions in a cool, dry climate, the quality of your label will be preserved until application.