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Sun Protection for Your Labels

As we mentioned in Summertime Storage, we are very familiar with sunny weather here in Southern California and the potential damage the sun can have on your label solutions. Although everyone loves a nice day out in the sun, your labels require the same protection from the rays that your skin does.

So how do you protect your labels from sun damage?

This is where the reliability of your label manufacturer comes into play. At Coast Label Company, we offer our customers highly durable materials and finishing options to ensure reliability in a variety of environments, including the outdoors. By constructing your solution with outdoor lamination, strong adhesives, and durable materials, your labels will not crack, yellow, fade, or peel off in the summer sun. This means that your label will be just as protected in the middle of July as it was in beginning of January. We know the importance of your label’s reliability, which is why we work with our customers to achieve a successful solution.

Outdoor Machinery Warning Label Manufactured by Coast Label Company