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Surviving the Gauntlet: Tough Packaging

We’ve all seen it: the box that can only be described as “squarish”; the shredded carton with a now ironic “fragile” label; the package that appears to have survived a scene from Mad Max. Shipping and transportation companies are tough, sometimes shockingly so, on packages. In some respects there perhaps can be no greater tests for a shipping department than to get it’s product to survive freight.

At Coast Label we are more than up to the challenge. We believe the final product says a lot about a company, and so it is no surprise that we want our products to arrive at their destination in top condition. Using the same care and detail that we use during production, we’ve designed and refined our tough packaging to survive the transportation gauntlet.

It all starts with your product being grouped into any number of protective options including poly-bags, shrink wrap, and more. If you have a specific preference, we are happy to comply, otherwise we’ll analyzeEnvironmentally Friendly Packaging the product to determine the best option for the job.

Next we perform a yield analysis to determine the best carton size for the job–taking care to keep the individual carton weight manageable. Your product is then packed into the brand-new, high-strength cartons, with special care taken to maintaining a snug fit. We then fill any excess space using ecologically-friendly air-filled pillows. Unlike stuffed paper or packaging peanuts these won’t become permanently compressed (and thus ineffective) during transport. Next we seal the cartons using special, extra-wide packing tape for a better, more complete seal.

If the size of your order requires pallets, we use like-new pallets (no broken pallets here) for transport. Cartons are arranged on the pallet for ease of identification and removal, all the while taking care to maintain an even load. Then we go a step further using purpose-built corner protectors for added strength and load integrity. Lastly we stretch wrap the entire pallet for a secure load that’s protected against debris and road grime.

The end result is multi-layer tough packaging that will get your product securely to where you need it. Just another extra value that makes up the Coast Label Difference.