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UL Label Development Path: Type L Follow-Up Service

When it comes to printing custom UL certification Marks (aka the UL logo), there are two types of Follow-Up Service (FUS): Type R and Type L.

Which “type” a label falls into, varies by product category and depends on what level of control UL wants over the printing process. If you are unsure of which type your product falls under, you can look up this information usually either on the Authorization page of the Follow-Up Services procedure or the Marking section of the Section General.

One of the big differences between the two types is the UL Label development path. Type L Follow-Up Service could probably be described as more “hands on.” UL typically wants more input and control with these types of labels. Take a look at breakdown of the path below:

UL Type L Labels diagram

One of the big things that stands out is that an authorization document, sent directly from UL, is required every time. There is no keeping approvals on record or any of those time saving measures. Each label run you must go through the entire process anew. That said, as long as you understand the path of development from PO to shipment, you can accurately account for the time and work within those requirements.