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Variability meets Reliability

With the power of our Durst Tau 330E, we are able to provide our customers with variable data printing jobs more efficiently and precisely than ever before. Our VDP process is capable of varying text, graphics, colors, numbers, and barcodes from one printed piece to the next without stopping the printing process

Here’s why our digitally printed VDP labels are a premier solution:

1. The Durst produces images highly sophisticated in appearance with a 5 year color fastness. Therefore, even if you require a variety of images, they will each achieve both the look and durability you require.

2. Serialized barcodes are another popular VDP solution, and each label proof is verified against the ANSI standard for verified readability. By doing this, we can guarantee that each of our barcodes are scannable and meet or exceed the industry standards.

3. Finally, each VDP job we manufacture is recorded and a recipe is created to ensure exact repeatability for reorders. Whether it’s serialized barcodes, varying images, or consecutive numbers, your specifications are documented for future reference.

Key takeaways:

  • Our digitally printed variable data projects are designed to achieve your desired look and required durability
  • Each barcode is guaranteed to be scannable to ensure traceability
  • After initial orders, a job recipe is created to document specifications and enhance repeatability
Variable Data Project manufactured by Coast Label Company
Variable Data Project manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Our digitally printed Variable Data Projects are manufactured with the advanced capabilities of the Durst 330E. As with every solution we provide, VDP jobs follow a series of ISO Certified best practices in order to increase precision and customer satisfaction.