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Why we label all of our inventory

For each role of material we have, we manufacture our own barcode labels. Why do we do this? Automatically, we know what materials we have, how much of it, how long we’ve had it, etc. In addition to this, we know that our barcodes are always going to be traceable.

This not only benefits us, but the customer as well. We immediately know if we need to order extra material for their order, and we know if the material is too old to meet our quality standards.

The quality of our labels combined with the traceability of our barcodes is a reliable solution for inventory management, which is why we implement it here at our own facility!

The bottom line: At Coast Label Company, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customer’s experience and provide them with the best solution that is both precise and reliable. Our inventory management system helps us do that, and we are able to provide customers with a similar solution as well.