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Success Story: Medical Equipment Write-n-Seal Label

A medical and optical healthcare provider needed a way to securely monitor their quality process. They required both the convenience of writing directly onto the label as well as the protection of lamination. With past labels, they found that the information faded overtime as a result of frequent cleaning and exposure to chemicals in the medical setting.

Here’s how we provided them with the solution they needed:

  • To solve their problem, we designed custom  Write-n-Seal label solutions. These labels are manufactured with an attached lamination that is backed by a removable liner. After the information is documented, the liner is removed and the lamination is applied. Once sealed, there is no way to tamper with or alter the information without destroying and visibly altering it.
  • Because the labels were going to adhere to a medical device, we tested and provided the customer with sample materials and lamination that were durable enough for the environment. This process allowed us to arrive at a solution that best fit their needs.
  • As experienced manufacturers of medical device labels, we know the precision and reliability that is required to provide a successful solution. Our customers can rest assured knowing that their label solutions have been manufactured following ISO quality assurance processes and reviewed by our Quality Inspection System.

Key takeaways:

  • Write-n-Seal Labels offer reliable, instant protection for written information
  • Medical labels are often exposed to various cleaning products, so durable lamination, material, and adhesive are often required
  • Our certified processes and advanced systems work together to provide our customers with successful solutions
write-n-seal label
Write-n-Seal Label Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Since this customer refurbishes and sells medical equipment, quality inspection is a critical part of their processes. The self-adhesive label solution is currently being used to document inspection results and has successfully solved the customer’s problem. We proudly continue to manufacture this solution for our customer and work with them to develop new custom, problem-solving solutions.