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Success Story: A Clear Label Solution

A customer came to us needing a way to label their products without the appearance of an opaque label. With the launch of multiple new products, they wanted a sophisticated, consistent appearance that was durable enough to be exposed to liquid and refrigerated temperatures. Here’s how we provided them with the clear label solution they needed:

  • We designed and manufactured this solution using a clear, transparent material. This way, we created the “no label” label look that they wanted.
  • We then provided them with material capable of withstanding exposure to the aforementioned elements and acids found in produce. This specific material is also non-toxic; therefore, there is no potential risk if the contents come in contact with the label.
  • With the capabilities of our Durst, our Variable Data Printing process allowed us to print the different product labels with a consistent, exact appearance. The Durst also prints with highly durable inks, further adding to the reliability of the label solution.
clear labels
Clear Labels Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: As a manufacturer of custom label solutions, our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable solution that has been designed to solve their specific problem. These labels are currently being used to label packaged ginger, greens, and beet shots that are stored in refrigerated displays.