Custom Consecutive Number Label Uses

Custom consecutive number labels are used for a variety of applications. These applications include inventory tracking, shelf numbering, supply coding, and any other applications that require unique alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric sequences.

At Coast Label we have a wide variety of materials and adhesives available depending upon your label life cycle needs. Whether your application requires a label for short-term use or an extremely durable label for long-term durability, we’ll consult with you to provide you with the best label for your specific needs.

Looking for more? Here is a quick case study: Serial Numbered Warranty Seal.

Custom Consecutive Number Label Capabilities:

  • Consecutive numbers
  • Hexadecimal
  • Sets of numbers
  • Sequences
  • Numbers from a database
Consecutively Numbered Labels

A lot of what we do is custom labels. Coast Label is unique in the label industry and they are my go-to place. They offer quick response and I am able to talk with a knowledgeable label representative every time I call. With the big companies you get automated systems. By the time you put in a quote request and get anything back I could have gone to Coast Label and already gotten delivery of the product.

David Lloyd
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