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Label Storage Tips: How to Store Labels

Labels don’t have feelings, but a little care will still go a long way. Proper storage of labels before they are applied will not only extend the life of the product, but also help maintain consistent application results. Here are some important tips to know:

  • Ideal temperature for storing labels is about 70º F with 50% relative humidity. While cold temperatures are less critical, extended high temperatures can have an adverse effect on the adhesive’s performance.
  • Store away from direct sunlight or interior lighting to prevent fading–especially if your label has fade-prone colors such as red.
  • Where machine application is crucial, make sure to store rolls flat like a pancake to maintain uniform core shape.
  • First in, first out. Rotate stocks so that the oldest material is used first.

We carefully package labels to survive transportation. Because of this, storing in the original packaging is often one of your best options.

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