What are Tamper Evident Labels?

Tamper Evident labels are a category of security products designed to indicate or prevent lifting and removal. Use cases include:

  • Prevent a price tag from being moved from one product to another
  • Sealing a cabinet or equipment enclosure so that you know when it’s been opened by a non-authorized technician
  • Stopping calibration/quality control labels on machinery from being lifted and transferred

Depending on your preferences, some of these security features are visible in the design of the label, while others are more covert–only becoming evident after attempts at tampering. We offer many tamper-evident solutions including:

  • Self-voiding labels
  • Labels made from destructible vinyl, which cannot be removed or transferred to another location intact
  • Special die-cutting and destruct slits to make intact removal impossible

Tamper Evident Label Capabilities:

  • VOID Pattern
  • Checkerboard Pattern
  • Destructible Vinyl
  • Custom Void Pattern
  • Destruct Slits