What are Custom Tamper Evident Labels?

Custom tamper evident labels are a category of security products designed to indicate or prevent lifting and removal. Use cases include:

  • Prevent a price tag from being moved from one product to another
  • Sealing a cabinet or equipment enclosure so that you know when it’s been opened by a non-authorized technician
  • Stopping calibration/quality control labels on machinery from being lifted and transferred

Depending on your preferences, some of these security features are visible in the design of the label, while others are more covert–only becoming evident after attempts at tampering. We offer many tamper-evident solutions including:

  • Self-voiding labels
  • Labels made from destructible vinyl, which cannot be removed or transferred to another location intact
  • Special die-cutting and destruct slits to make intact removal impossible

Capabilities of Custom Tamper Evident Labels:

  • VOID Pattern
  • Checkerboard Pattern
  • Destructible Vinyl
  • Custom Void Pattern
  • Destruct Slits
Tamper Evident Label

Tamper Proof Security Labels Are Often Used To:

  • Authenticate genuine products
  • Detect counterfeit goods
  • Deter theft and diversion of products
  • Pinpoint gray market activity

These tamper proof security labels can include a layered approach of covert, semi-covert, and forensic features for added security. For example, to start they are often numbered or barcoded for tracking purposes. From there we can help create a custom-designed solution with protection that the uninitiated to see or detect.

At Coast Label we have the technical expertise and will consult with you to manufacture the best security or tamper-evident label solution in this constantly evolving area.

Tamper Proof Security Label Solutions

Tamper proof security labels have a wide variety of uses and solve multiple problems. They work great for file cabinets, doors, windows, boxes, containers, and more. We make our labels with a pressure-sensitive adhesive so you can simply peel and place them wherever you need them. We can also make them as custom as you need to protect your products and equipment, control who accesses files and containers, or other situations where you need to keep items or documents confidential.

  • Invisible inks
  • Chemically reactive coatings
  • Chemically sensitive inks
  • Fluorescent inks
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Tamper evident materials
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