Label Engineering

Label engineering can be complicated but they don’t need to be. Customers have been relying on Coast Label to consult with them and provide properly engineered labels that perform throughout the lifecycle of a product or application. We look forward to discussing your application and project at your earliest convenience – call or email [email protected].

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers to determine their label engineering needs and performance requirements and engineer a cost-effective solution that works.

Some of what we need to know about your label project are answers to the following:

  1. On to what surface are you applying the label?
  2. Do you have a label sample from a past order?
  3. Do you know the complete label construction?
  4. Dimensions of the label?
  5. If the label goes through a printer, what type of printer is it?
  6. Do you have the artwork in a digital format?
  7. Indoor or outdoor application?
  8. Does the label need to be water resistant?
  9. Are you auto dispensing the labels with a label applicator?
  10. Your answers to these questions will likely generate additional questions before we are ready to provide you with a proposal.

We will use our extensive resources to create a solution for your application that combines the correct adhesives, substrates, inks, protective coatings and laminates, and release liner so your labels will perform as required from application through the life of the product to which they are affixed.

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