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Designed to Self-Destruct

Are you trying to remove a label, but it crumbles every time you try to remove it rather than it peeling off with ease? If that’s the case, then we hope you were authorized to do so!

Destructible Labels

Destructible labels are one example of a tamper evident label designed to easily crumble apart if someone tries to remove them. While they have a specific use, usually functioning as a security label, they still offer customizable options including barcodes, text, or images. Here’s why you want a label designed to self-destruct:

1. Tampering

Unwarranted alterations can be dangerous to everyone involved. Once the label is applied, it cannot be seamlessly moved or adjusted; therefore, any tampering will not go unnoticed.

2. Counterfeiting

Barcodes, product labels, and any other labels used for branding or inventory can easily be removed and reapplied to a counterfeit product if the label is not supplied by a reliable manufacturer. Destructible labels are one method of preventing your brand from being misrepresented and wrongfully distributed.

3. Warranty Void

Labels that read “Void Warranty if Removed” are intended to prevent unauthorized activity that could cause damage. For example, altering parts on machinery could ruin equipment or cause harm to its operators. Because of their importance, it is crucial that these labels reflect any adjustments or attempts of removal.

Key takeaways:

  • Destructible labels are an effective security option that make any adjustments immediately apparent
  • Although they are not designed to endure any alterations, they are still durable enough to withstand outdoor elements
  • Destructible labels still allow for custom shape, size, design, etc., so there is no need to settle for a generic option

Destructible Labels

Destructible label manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Prevent your brand from being compromised with high-quality security labels. When properly manufactured, destructible labels are a reliable way of easily detecting any unauthorized activity.

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