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Labels in the Laboratory

When it comes to finding a partner to manufacture your custom laboratory labels, quality cannot be compromised and reliable precision is a definite requirement. At Coast Label Company, we have been manufacturing sophisticated labels for years, so we have the resources and knowledge that is required to develop a successful solution.

Here are a few ways we ensure our customers they will receive a reliable laboratory label solution:

  1. We offer our customers a variety of materials, adhesives, finishes, etc. that are durable and sophisticated enough to perform in the laboratory setting. Durable solutions protect the information of the label, whether it’s a warning label for machinery in the lab or a label that is applied to frequently handled test tubes or files.
  2. Seeing as how barcodes and QR codes are commonly found in labs, we provide our customers with piece of mind in knowing that all of labels we provide them are 100% scannable as part of our TruCheck® ANSI-scoring barcode verification system. Therefore, test tubes, files, etc. can easily be managed and traced throughout their use.
  3. Laboratory labels are unique in the respect that they do not usually require intricate designs or artwork; however, precision is absolutely necessary. Our Quality Inspection System works to detect and eliminate variations to reduce the risk of potential problems. See just how precise our Quality Inspection System is

Key takeaways:

  • We reduce the risk of your label solutions being damaged by providing our customers with durable solutions capable of withstanding chemicals, frequent cleaning, handling, etc.
  • Any barcode solution we manufacture is guaranteed to be scannable
  • Our Quality Inspection Systems works to eliminate potential variations that could be problematic in a laboratory environment
Laboratory Labels

The bottom line: Laboratory Labels require a high level of sophistication in the way that they are designed and manufactured. Therefore, quality cannot be compromised and precision and reliability are required for the labels to be dependable.