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Surprise! UL Field Inspections

Yesterday we were greeted at the front door by our UL Inspector for an unannounced field inspection…surprise! At another facility, there might be a cry for alarm, but at Coast Label Company there was no mad scramble, no rush to hide this or go find that. We just sat him down and asked what he was checking today. 30 minutes later we shook his hand and waved goodbye. No variances, no issues, just business as usual. It was that easy.

Would you be surprised to know that as part of our level of certification, Coast Label Company receives four random UL field inspections a year? Underwriters’ Laboratories inspectors appear at any time–no appointments, and usually no warning. They can and will ask to see records from past jobs. Inspection of the factory floor, materials, inks, and machinery is guaranteed. They even collect physical label samples to send to the lab for further testing and verification. They are very detailed in their work…fortunately so are we.

Being a UL Label provider is about more than just the labels. It also requires a facility that can back up that work by passing the compliance inspections. When the validity of your labels depends on the facility that stands behind it, it’s nice to know that Coast Label is a partner for whom UL field inspections are routine–not panic attacks.

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