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What is BOPP?

What is BOPP and why are BOPP labels widely preferred by so many companies? Let’s go over a few of the reasons this material is highly favored and a perfect fit for creating your custom labels and stickers

● BOPP is a type of plastic used in making labels. Its technical name is biaxially oriented polypropylene. “Biaxially oriented” means that manufacturers stretch the plastic in two different directions during its production. This is done to make the plastic stronger and more flexible. 

● BOPP is an ideal material for making labels. It’s resistant to water and chemicals, easy to print on, and clear or opaque in color. BOPP is also almost indestructible. It resists water and oil, making it perfect for products such as shampoo and body wash that will most definitely get wet. 

● Because it’s resistant to most harsh chemicals such as bleach and disinfectants, BOPP is also a great fit for medication, cosmetics, and waterproof labeling. And to top it off, BOPP is resistant to UV light so the vivid colors of your labels won’t fade in the sun. 

● These labels offer strength and durability that a common paper label can”t. For some applications, a paper label just doesn’t have the longevity or resistance required to get your job done. 

● Flexible and thin, BOPP labels stick well to any of your containers. You can use these for candle jars, spice jars, or even a mason jars. These labels may very well outlast the contents of your container. 

Here is a list of some of the most common applications for BOPP: 

Common applications for BOPP 

1. Food containers 

2. Packaging labels and stickers 

3. Performance textiles 

4. Medical grade plastics 

5. Plastic ropes 

6. Laboratory items 

7. Personal care products

8. Textbook covering 

9. Adhesive tapes 

10. Moisture wicked clothing 

The list above is just a few of the most common applications for BOPP but there are literally hundreds more. For example, BOPP film offers significant advantages when it comes to food labeling. For starters, it’s non-toxic. The material is also resistant to solvents and acids. Many food and beverage items, such as those containing tomatoes, citrus, or coffee, are quite acidic. Even when the items don’t come in direct contact during the manufacturing process, they can still cause staining or deterioration in other label materials that are less durable than BOPP. These same qualities make BOPP perfectly suited for bottles, canning, and jar labels. 

Advantages of BOPP Labels 

● Printability– Thermal Transfer BOPP labels have topcoating so that the ink and image anchor better to the surface of the film. 

● Durability– BOPP labels are resistant to harsh chemicals oil, and water. They are also weather, tearing, and scratch-resistant. 

● Value– If you are looking for a durable yet high-quality label, BOPP labels offer you the best combination of both affordability and quality products.

BOPP Labels come in a variety of finishes 

White BOPP

The most common BOPP label is white. It has a strong permanent adhesive that sticks well to many surfaces. Manufacturers of health and beauty products often prefer white BOPP material for their labels. 

Clear BOPP

Clear BOPP is virtually invisible while being extremely durable and moisture resistant. When you apply it, clear BOPP appears as if there is no label at all which lets your product show through and shine. It even works on dark-colored containers and glass bottles. Wine and cosmetic bottles are perfect candidates for clear BOPP as it creates the “no label” look.

Matte BOPP

Matte finish BOPP absorbs light rather than reflects it and will leave your labels with little or no shine. 

Glossy BOPP

Another option for your labels is a glossy sheen which will give that little bit of shine or reflective property to your product. 

Combined with the ideal adhesive for your custom needs, along with the finish of your choice, your labels can be printed with the highest quality. With all the obvious benefits of BOPP, why would you settle for any other material for your products? 

If you have any further questions on BOPP labels or need help customizing labels for your business, give us a call or click here to get a free proposal.

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