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Signed, Sealed, Protected

Our Write-n-Seal labels are made to combine flexibility of handwriting with the durability of lamination. So what are the advantages of these self-laminating labels?

Durability: One of our customers–a national healthcare and hospital provider–uses these as part of their quality process. Individual equipment in the hospital is inspected and serviced. The technician would then sign and date the label and affix it to the individual machine. The lamination made sure that the handwriting survived frequent cleaning, and the label allowed for accountability and easy verification.

Security: Depending on the materials used, once the label is sealed, there is no way to tamper with or alter the information without destroying the handwriting, so your information is sealed and secure.

Key takeaways:

  • Write-n-Seal labels offer the flexibility of written information and instant lamination
  • Once the label is sealed, information is secured and protected from tampering
  • We developed technology to offer our customers Write-n-Seal labels that are both accurately and efficiently manufactured.

Custom Write-n-Seal label manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: Write-n-Seal labels are a unique solutions seeing as how they are the only label that can be laminated after they have been adhered to a surface. The combined flexibility, security, and reliability these labels have to offer make them a dependable solution for those in need of a label that protects written information.

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