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The Kiss Cut vs Die Cut Guide: Which Do You Need?

Kiss cut vs die cut stickers are two popular ways to manufacture your stickers and labels. Both kiss cut and die cut labels allow you to create a unique shape that is both professional and eye-catching. However, there are some differences between the two types of labels, so how do you know kind is right for your business?

Read on to learn the differences between kiss cut vs die cut labels as well as the best uses for these stickers and labels.

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What Are Die Cut Stickers and Labels?

Die cut stickers are a type of sticker with a custom shape using a process called die cutting. Unlike standard square or rectangular stickers, die cut stickers can be cut into any designed shape, such as your logo or an intricate design. The die cutting process involves using a sharp metal die, which is kind of like a cookie cutter, to cut through the sticker material and backing to create the designed shape.

With a die cut sticker, there is no border left around the shape. This can make the label design stand out to your customers. They are both visually appealing and professional and can be used to make more creative and unique designs. However, die cut stickers can be a little bit tricky to remove from the backing.

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What Are Kiss Cut Stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are a type of sticker that is cut through the material of the sticker but not through the backing. The term “kiss cut” refers to the process where the sticker is cut, leaving the backing intact. Kiss cut stickers can be easily peeled off from the backing and applied to various surfaces.

The process of creating kiss cut stickers involves using a sharp blade or special machine to cut the sticker material while leaving a thin border, or kiss cut, around the sticker design. This allows the sticker to remain attached to the backing sheet. Kiss cut stickers are commonly produced on rolls or sheets, with multiple stickers on each sheet or roll. This format makes them easy to store, distribute, and use.

Contour Cut vs Die Cut

When talking about die cut vs kiss cut, we have to bring up contour cut vs die cut. No, contour cut is not another variation of kiss cut and die cut stickers. Contour cut is simply an older term that used to be used for die cut stickers. The term “contour cut” refers to the fact that the die cuts around the contour of the sticker.

Die Cut vs Kiss Cut vs Transfer Cut

Another type of sticker related to kiss cut vs die cut stickers are transfer cut stickers. Transfer cut stickers are complex designs with multiple pieces. Transfer cut stickers have a backing to protect the adhesive, plus transfer tape covering the front. This allows you to transfer all the pieces of your design at one time so that the spacing and intricacies of the design are placed as they should be.

When to Use Kiss Cut

Kiss cut stickers are popular for many applications, including branding, marketing, product labeling, and event promotions. They are best used when you have an intricate shape because of the way the border protects the sticker. Additionally, if you need to place a lot of labels quickly, kiss cut labels are a great option.

When Not to Use Kiss Cut

Because of the way they’re made, kiss cut labels and stickers can be a little bit pricier. If you’re on a budget, you may want to choose die cut stickers instead.

When to Use Die Cut

Like kiss cut stickers, die cut stickers are popular for a wide range of applications, such as branding, product labeling, promotional items, and decoration. Die cut stickers and labels work really well to show off a stand-out design. Because they don’t have the extra border, the shape of the sticker is quite eye-catching, especially if your logo or design is unique. Die cut stickers are also a great option if you’re looking to save money. They typically cost less than kiss cut stickers.

When Not to Use Die Cut

While die cut stickers can be great in many circumstances, you may want to opt for something else if your design has delicate edges. Because die cut stickers don’t have a border, thin or delicate parts of your design can easily be damaged.

Custom Kiss Cut and Die Cut Labels

Looking for custom kiss cut and die cut stickers and labels? Coast Label has you covered. We’ll help you engineer the perfect kiss cut or die cut stickers to market your products, promote your events, and more.

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