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Mini Case Study: UL Label Kits

Problem: A Food Display Case Manufacturer needed a series of 27 durable UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) Recognized Component Labels for their products. At the same time because of the large volume of different labels, they were looking to solve label management issues that had previously resulted in mismanaged inventory and products accidentally shipping without the full compliment of required warnings.

Solution: Laminated Recognized Component-compliant film labels were used for extra durability. In order to help with inventory management, the 27 different labels were printed on a 10″ x 13.75″ cut sheet along with an inventory tracking number. Now instead of keeping track and issuing 27 individual rolls of material, they had one sheet to manage–vastly simplifying parts ordering and inventory controls.

Additionally, the manufacturer was assured that all the labels for their machine, including warning, caution, and instruction labels were issued to production which mitigates liability risks. And since each sheet fulfilled all the labeling requirements for particular unit being assembled, it became very obvious when a label had yet to placed (as it remained on the sheet). Printing all the labels on one sheet had a final added benefit of insuring absolute color consistency among the labels on a particular machine–improving the overall product.

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