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Flame Retardant Polyester Labels

Sometimes labels material just needs to perform in the heat…and sometimes the label needs to survive it. There are many applications such as high-power batteries or electronics that run hot that have labeling needs but also require design engineers to be conscious of flammability. Paper labels and other low-temperature materials have the potential to add fuel to a fire. At times it’s critical to have flame-resistant tags and labels.

So when flammability is a design concern, you need to look to specific materials designed to meet the UL 94 VTM-0 level of flame retardants. One common material type is made up of polyamides–a high temperature synthetic. These meet the requirements but can be very expensive. Recently new polyester-based materials have appeared on the markets. They maintain a similar level of flame retardant properties at a relatively lower cost.

These materials matched with properly-suited ink can be printed and die-cut to meet your specific shapes and needs. Whether you are tracking electronic components, marking power supplies, or labeling batteries, when the heat is one, Coast Label can offer cool solutions that meet the requirements head on.