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Custom Resin Ribbon Solutions

Of the three Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Resin Ribbon is the most durable material. These label solutions are capable of withstanding abrasion, extreme temperatures, and exposure to water and chemicals.

This material is designed to print plastic labels, such as vinyl and polypropylene. The strong adhesion between the ribbon and the label material contribute to the high level of durability these have to offer.

Common applications for custom Resin Ribbons include:

  • industrial
  • outdoor
  • automotive
  • chemical drum
  • electornics
  • medical devices
  • pharmaceutical
  • life sciences

For customers that require maximum resistance and durability, custom Resin Ribbon solutions are a dependable solution. We also offer Wax Ribbon and Wax/Resin Ribbon solutions for customers with different application requirements.

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Resin Ribbon Key takeaways:

  • When you need an image to last for a long period of time, Resin Ribbons provide maximum durability and resistance to the elements
  • These solutions are often used in environments with taxing elements
custom resin ribbon label
Custom Resin Ribbon Label Manufactured by Coast Label Company