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Labels and Tags and Stickers, oh my!

It’s not uncommon for a customer to come to us saying they need a “custom sticker” or a “tag to track inventory.” After further discussion, we’re able to identify the requirements of our customers and provide them with the solution they really need. Here’s the difference between the most commonly requested custom solutions:


  • Our custom label solutions are designed with your unique specifications in mind including custom Tyvek labels
  • Labels are a combination of material, design, adhesive, and liner. Based on your requirements, we’ll design and manufacture a unique, reliable solution.
  • Labels can be used to track inventory, identify assets, communicate information and warnings, and much more. Click here to see some of the label solutions we have to offer.
Tyvek® tags
Custom Tyvek® tags manufactured by Coast Label Company


  • Stickers are much less durable and sophisticated than labels in the respect that they are usually made out of paper and a less durable adhesive.
  • Stickers are common among classrooms and voting booths, whereas labels are found adhered to medical equipment and outdoor machinery.
  • Rather than needing a custom label manufacturer, you can find generic and custom sticker options online for a much more affordable price!
custom labels
Custom Label Solutions Manufactured by Coast Label Company


  • Tags are different than labels in the respect that they are not backed with an adhesive.
  • Tags are a reliable solution when adhesive is not permitted or required, and they can be customized in the same way our labels can be.
  • Some example of tagging solutions include Tyvek “law” tags that are sewn into bedding and furniture and food and produce markers. Learn more about our custom non-adhesive tag solutions.
Generic Stickers found Online