We make more than just adhesive labels. At Coast Label we can also help you design a custom non-adhesive labels, tags, and functional parts to meet your specific needs.

Applications for Custom Label Tags:

  • Tyvek “law” tags are typically sewn into bedding and furniture upholstery and coverings
  • Food and produce markers
  • Compliance tags with variable information for identification
  • “Sew-in” manufacturing tags that follow a product through all the production steps
  • Direct Thermal tags for just-in-time information
  • Custom shaped parts

Finishing Options include:

  • Individual cut sheets
  • Rolls
  • Fan folded stacks with perforations between each tag
  • Notches or printed sensing marks on either front or back for imprinting on thermal printers
  • Transfer tape for affixing
  • Punched holes and optionally supplied with string, elastic, or wire

There are a wide variety of tag options available. Let our application specialists consult with you to determine the best tag solution for your application.

Label Tag Materials include:

  • Paper
  • Laminated foils
  • Plastics and synthetics
  • Tyvek®
  • Fabrics
  • Berry Compliant Materials
Law Tags

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