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Enhance Your Label with a Custom Texture

You know that we can customize the look, size, and shape of your labels, but did you know we can customize the texture of your label too? With the capabilities of our Durst, we can manufacture your labels in a way that adds a custom feel to your label. Click here to get a free quote.

So what’s the point of textured labels?

1. This customizable feature can add to the overall quality and appearance of your label. By adding another layer of sophistication, you are enhancing your label solution in a unique, advanced fashion.

2. Whether or not you add texture for preference, you are still enhancing the security of your label. For example, someone trying to counterfeit your product might not have access to the same advanced capabilities; therefore, a texturized effect could be the difference between the authentic and counterfeit versions.

3. As with many customizable features, they are only beneficial if executed by a reliable manufacturer. This feature goes beyond the appearance of the label, so it requires advanced capabilities and reliable execution.

Textured Labels Key Takeaways:

  • Adding a texture to your label enhances the overall sophistication of your label solution
  • Textured labels can also be used as an added layer of security to  help protect your brand from counterfeiting
  • A reliable manufacturer will be capable of executing this process and accurately repeating it for future orders
textured labels
Textured Labels Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The Bottom Line 

While it’s not always required or warranted, adding texture to your label will enhance the overall appearance and sophistication of the finished product. However, a unique feature such as this should be trusted with an experienced manufacturer. Get your free proposal here!

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