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Overlays and why people want holes in their labels

While many customers come to us needing solid labels in different shapes and sizes, we also offer labels with holes in them. Like everything else we have to offer, these can be custom designed to achieve your specific needs.

These labels are often used as overlays for control panels to identify switches, knobs, lights, and dials on equipment. They can include clear windows for indicator lights, holes for switches or screws, as well as other custom design features.


By consulting with a reliable manufacturer, you can rest assured that you will receive a dependable solution. For example, an overlay that has not been properly constructed for its intended use could fade or be easily removed, compromising the use of the machinery the label is applied to. Furthermore, variations that have not been flagged by your manufacturer could lead to potential issues. At Coast Label Company, we do our best to provide our customers with a top-quality solution by working closely with them to achieve the required durability. Once they have been precisely manufactured, our Quality Inspection System works to eliminate any variations.

Read about a custom overlay we manufactured using genuine 3M materials

Overlays and labels: Key Takeaways

  • Our custom overlays accurately identify important parts and information for our customers
  • A reliable manufacturer will provide you with a solution that has been designed and manufactured to meet all of your requirements
  • Rather than depending on random inspection or the human eye, our quality inspection system works to detects errors that could compromise the overlays we manufacture
Custom Overlays Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line 

The custom shapes we offer to our customers include internal die cuts that fit their exact requirements. These custom solutions require accuracy and precision in order to be a reliable, problem-solving solution.