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Success Story: Non-Adhesive Tags

One of our customers came to us needing a non-adhesive tag for a trade show. They needed their logo to stand out with clear, bright colors along with alternating information and timing notches for secondary printing.

Here’s how we achieved their label requirements:

1. Our Durst digital press offers bright, bold color and image precision that allows us to achieve the sophisticated appearance our customers require. Learn more about the capabilities of our digital press

2. Since the label would undergo secondary printing, the shapes of the tags were alternating with notches. Therefore, the notches indicated the tags that were meant to have additional information printed onto them.

3. Finally, we alternated data on tags on the same role with our advanced Variable Data Printing system. VDP allows for text, graphics, numbers and barcodes to vary from one printed piece to the next, so this customizable feature was seamlessly integrated into the printing process.

Non-Adhesive Label and Tag Key Takeaways:

  • UV inks are capable of matching Pantone colors, so we were able to replicate the bold, bright look they wanted
  • A reliable manufacturer will offer different timing mark options depending on your specific requirements, including notches
  • Our VDP system makes printing different information on labels within the same role simple and reliable
non-adhesive tags
Non-Adhesive Tags Manufactured by Coast Label Company

The bottom line: As always, our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable solution that achieves all of their requirements, and these non-adhesive labels and tags are another example of our efforts to do so.

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