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Shelf Life vs. Service Life

Unfortunately, labels and materials have an expiration date; however, there’s a difference between how long a label is built to last (service life) and how long the material itself is good for (shelf life).

Here’s the difference:

Shelf Life:

  • This refers to how long a manufacturer can hold onto unused material before it can no longer be used to manufacture a reliable solution.
  • We have some material in stock; however, we usually order materials as needed.
  • A reliable manufacturer will monitor how long materials have been in stock in order to prevent the quality of a label from being compromised.

Service Life:

  • This is the minimum length of time a label is built to last, not the maximum.
  • Based on your unique requirements, our label solutions specialists will provide you with a solution built to perform in its intended environment.
  • For example, a label that will be applied to a machine outside will be manufactured differently than one applied to a file kept indoors.