The Application of Extreme Temperature Labels & Cold Temp Labels

If you require a label that can be applied and will adhere in extremely low temperatures, cold temp labels are the solution. Common uses include clinical specimen labeling; pharmaceuticals; identification for the preservation of perishable items; food storage; and industrial applications where products must have labels applied outdoors during cold winter conditions.

At Coast Label our extreme temperature labels can be applied to a broad range of clean surfaces. Whether you have a standard label application or a unique problem that requires a custom solution, we will work with you to design a cold temperature label that will meet your needs. Our Application Specialists are experts in selecting the right adhesive for your cold temperature application–a critical component for this type of label.

Extreme Temperature Label Capabilities:

  • Moisture resistant materials
  • Direct thermal
  • Thermal transfer
  • Custom shapes
  • Tight mandril labels

Cold Temp Labels 

Unregulated temperature changes, as well as cold warehouse settings, have a tendency to expose packages to an expansive fluctuation of hot and cold environments. Shipping facilities and loading docs make for unreliable temperatures when it comes to applying labels. Depending on the adhesive, these less than desirable circumstances can lead to the breakdown or malfunction of your product labels. Becoming hard and brittle, labels tend to lose their tacky quality. It may not become immediately obvious, but there’s a good chance the label will fall off at some point down the road. 

When cold or low-temperature labels are needed, this calls specifically for thermal labels that are manufactured for extremely cold environments. Frost and moisture as well as cold and dry applications need to be considered. We can help you determine which freezer-grade labels are the best fit for your labeling needs. 

Extreme Temperature Labels 

High-temperature labels or heatproof stickers are labels that are designed to withstand temperatures up to 730 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only can they take the heat, but they are resistant to chemical and solvent washes, reflow and infrared overs, ultrasonic cleanings, and more. Some label materials are able to resist high temps for long periods of time while others for only short bursts of time. The longevity of the label will depend largely on the material they are printed on. 

We can make them any size, shape, and color you want in a wide range of finishes such as gloss, satin, or matte. Our team of dedicated label specialists is always available to guide you through the process step by step.


I like the personal contact that Coast Label provides. Every time I call I know I can talk with [people], who know me and my requirements. Medical equipment labels are very complex; Coast Label’s ISO 9001 Quality Certification is very important to my clients.

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